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Washer Repair

Although we don't actually know who patented the very first washing machine, we do know that two Americans, James King in 1851 and Hamilton Smith in 1858, filed and received patents for similar devices that historians sometimes cite as the first true "modern" washers. Even though James King and Hamilton Smith are credited with creating the modern washer their washers were never as smart as today’s washers. Today washers work by sensing the amount of clothes in the machine and accommodating the amount of water, cleaning/spinning time and even drying time all to give the best result. When the water is hot enough, the motherboard makes the inner drum rotate back and forth, sloshing the clothes through the soapy water. The detergent pulls the dirt from your clothes and traps it in the water. The motherboard opens a valve so the water drains from both drums, and voila clean clothes.

The door and the lid switch are some of the most common parts to failure, which keeps the drum from spinning when the door is open. The drain pump and tub bearings are also common causes of washing machine breakdowns to replace these it is recommended to call a specialist. Also, there are a lot of problems caused by drain clog, that’s why it is very important to check your clothes before load them in.

Key Benefits

What are some common parts that fail in a washer?

Common parts that tend to fail include the door, lid switch, drain pump, and tub bearings. These failures can prevent the drum from spinning or cause other operational issues.

Is it recommended to repair a washer myself?

For complex issues, particularly those involving the drain pump and tub bearings, it's recommended to call a specialist. DIY repairs might be suitable for simpler problems.

What are the key benefits of a washer repair service?

Benefits include cost-effectiveness, convenience, extended appliance lifespan, professional expertise, warranty and reliability, environmental friendliness, time-saving, prevention of further damage, customized service, and improved efficiency.

Can repairing a washer be more cost-effective than buying a new one?

Yes, repairing a washer, especially if the issue is minor, can be much more cost-effective than purchasing a new appliance.

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