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Dryer Repair

Vented tumble dryers take in and heat air from the room. The warm air is then blown around the drum as the clothes spin. The warm air blowing across the clothes causes the water in the fabric to evaporate, and the air is then vented outside through the hose. Inventor J. Ross Moore lived on a North Dakota farm in the early 20th century. Tired of hanging wet clothes outside in the frigid winters, he built a shed, installed a stove and hung the clothes there to dry. Over the next 30 years Moore developed what is now known as the modern clothes dryer.

The door and the lid switch are some of the most common parts to failure, which keeps the drum from spinning when the door is open. The heating element, high-limit thermostat, thermistor are the parts, which are responsible for heating process and also common causes of clothes dryer breakdowns. A lot of problems are caused by lint, collected inside the unit, which leads to air flow circulation malfunction and overheating. To replace these parts and to provide a professional cleaning and maintenance of the dryer it is recommended to call a specialist.

Key Benefits

What are the most common issues with clothes dryers that require professional repair?

The most frequent problems include the failure of the door and lid switch, which prevents the drum from spinning when open, issues with the heating element, high-limit thermostat, and thermistor that are crucial for the heating process, and malfunctions caused by lint accumulation leading to airflow circulation issues and overheating.

Why is it recommended to use a professional service for dryer repair and maintenance?

Professional services provide expertise in accurately diagnosing and fixing problems, ensuring safety by reducing the risk of fire hazards, maintaining energy efficiency, and preserving the appliance's warranty. Additionally, technicians with specific knowledge about various brands and models can enhance the dryer's performance and longevity.

What are the benefits of repairing a dryer instead of buying a new one?

Repairing a dryer is often more cost-effective than purchasing a new one. It extends the appliance's lifespan, saves money, is convenient, ensures safety, improves energy efficiency and drying performance, reduces environmental impact, and offers peace of mind knowing that the appliance is functioning correctly.

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